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etiquette repositionnable - ouverture / fermeture - industrie

Industry - open and close label - easy opening – repositionable label

Just send us your packaging, we will present you our solutions !

There are many solutions to make it easier to open a packaging and to close it until the next use.
Etik Ouest presents you the developed systems the R&D department has conceived. This service is at your disposal to present you a customized solution.

étiquette Ouverture fermeture facile - sachet refermable

Easy opening and closing labels

Ideal for your bags, boxes or other kind of packaging, easy opening and closing features some security strips guaranteeing the first opening of your product and allowing to open and close the package again and again.
It is made up of a pull up corner, a tear-proof moveable part and a fixed, permanent part.

étiquette fenêtre refermable

Open and close window label

Ideal for your punnets, flow packs, Quadro Seal or flat bottom bags, the repositionable window label avoids any tear and helps you to open the packaging easily and to close it back completely.
It is made up of some security strips guaranteeing the product’s first opening, a pull up corner which helps you to take the label easily, a moveable part and a fixed, permanent part.
The closing is completely airtight and resists to steam.
The shape of the label fits your product and your packaging. Its applying could be made by your packing machines automatically.

étiquette pour refermeture par roulage

The closing by rolling labels

This repositionable label is really cheap and is a real innovation for consumers! It helps them to close the packaging again and again. It is made up of a pull up corner and a moveable part.

systeme ouverture fermeture de sachets Simplissime is an Open & Close system designed and conceived for airtight bags.
One gesture to open and eat, one else to reclose and preserve!

A one-use label shows that the bag has never been opened. This one completely comes unstuck from the packaging in order to make a window appear. This open area could nearly be as great as the width of the bag and also helps the consumer to take or to pour part of the product easily.

Thanks to a repositionable adhesive which has been discovered while first opening :
  • you only have to bend the bag over to reclose it again and again!
  • you can reduce the volume of the package as the product goes along!

As the bags’ open & close system is airtight and resists to steam, it could either be used on grocery or fresh products’ industry. The repositionable window label could either be applied automatically and the film could be cut off by packing machines, by film printers or even by Etik Ouest. According to the shape of the packaging and whatever the film or paper is, the R&D department suggests you customized solutions!

The "Simplissime" system is an innovation to help the consumer in his everyday life, avoiding waste of space.


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Best wishes for 2018

Etik Ouest wishes you all the best for 2018.

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